From two months ago…

This is from a post I created a couple months ago. It has inspired many of my friends to make changes in our lives. Two months ago, I wouldn’t have believed that I’d be excited to go to the gym everyday…

Funny though… decisions make destiny.



Winter is finally over. And somehow, unlike our friends, the bears… I’ve gained winter weight instead of burning off my hibernation fat coat in my sleep. There are many reasons for this (poor diet choices, lack of activity, lots of travel, etc.) but none of that matters. The fact that matters is, I’m going to fix it.

I’ve said many times that the hardest part of doing anything is deciding to. Once the decision is made, the rest of the steps often come pretty naturally. Perhaps not easily, but naturally because what you’re doing is no longer and option; it’s an expectation. You just have to mean it… That decision has to be a commitment.

I’m committing, and I’m setting a goal. And one way to be accountable to your goal (and avoid complacency) is to make it public, share your progress, and involve other people.

So this is a kind of experiment. Who wants to do this with me?

All you need is some goals and an email account. I don’t expect the goals to all be about fitness. Mine certainly won’t be. They can be about life, learning, growing, giving, cleaning, fixing… Or anything at all. Consider this a support group, a forum, and a kick in the pants, for getting yourself on track to do some things that you may have been putting off, found too difficult to stick with, or just always wanted to do, but lacked inspiration or motivation.

I’m going to set five goals… I’ll share them soon. And give myself four weeks to accomplish/meet them.

After that, I’m gonna do it again. Who’s in?

Rules and regulations to follow, although there are no prizes, other than potential self-betterment, increased confidence, overall happiness, and a sense of accomplishment.