Curling Workbook: Team Building & Season Planning

I finally sat down and created something I’d been thinking about for a while. I put my 20+ years of curling coaching to good use and brain-dumped a couple of sessions I frequently teach, and turned it into a workbook for new curling teams. I’m really pleased with how it turned out! Teams should be […]

I wrote another book!

I’m happy to announce that my 2nd book, “Ballpark Quest: A Journal for my Amazing Baseball Pilgrimage” is done and available to buy on Amazon. It started as a whim, and turned into a full blown obsession pretty quickly. Please consider picking up a copy for the baseball fan in your life!

Scotland Golf Video – 2019

In July 2019, four guys (and some of our wives) went to Scotland for an opportunity to play at St. Andrews Old Course. We also played seven other courses, including North Berwick, Macrihanish, and Musselbrough. We shot a ton of video, and my buddy Kyle took the time and edited together this masterpiece. It was […]


For Star Wars fans… I tried writing a comic, and got somebody from Reddit to illustrate it. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I only did four pages, because I was curious to see what the reaction was before I decided to go further… DOWNLOAD FOUR PAGES OF DANKO81 by left-button!! Also, […]

I wrote a book!!

This sweet piece of literature is almost ready to print. I’m super excited for everybody to read it. It should be out in October, or early November at the latest. BUY IT HERE.

Oosterdam – Sydney to Vancouver – Spring 2015

    We spent much of April and May travelling from Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, BC by way of New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, American Samoa, and Hawaii. It was a wonderful time and we saw lots of beautiful places; many of which we’ll likely never make it back to, and some to which, we’d love […]

What are your goals?

The first step in accomplishing something is actually figuring out what you’re trying to do. When was the last time you stopped to figure out exactly where you’re headed, how to get there, and if you’re actually on the right track? Take a minute to think about it… start writing some stuff down!

From two months ago…

This is from a post I created a couple months ago. It has inspired many of my friends to make changes in our lives. Two months ago, I wouldn’t have believed that I’d be excited to go to the gym everyday… Funny though… decisions make destiny. -Brian =============== Winter is finally over. And somehow, unlike […]